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White Papers Professionally written, perfectly flawless

We are white paper writers. Aardvark Writing can research, write, and design white papers that will wow your clients and your boss. We have written hundreds of white papers and know how to take a specialized topic and bring it to the level of your audience, whether it's the public, the HR department, the tech team, or anyone else. Our white papers have been approved by IBM, Monster, and Citigroup.

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BlogsAll that's new, fun, and relevant

We must admit; we like to write blogs. We enjoy finding what's relevant to your clients. We like sharing what's new in your industry. We love the fun that comes from blog writing, such as pinning to Pinterest, posting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, and all the other ways to gain interest and excitement for your blog. Learn more about our social media services.


Web Site ContentKeyword focused without ignoring grammar rules

Nothing is more disturbing than going to a website which is so focused on keywords that the rules of grammar are ignored. Proper English is thrown out the window in exchange for a high Google rank. Why would you want to bring large amounts of traffic to your site if potential clients will be distracted by your mistakes? Don't be a keyword-stuffing, word hater. Grammar and search engine optimization can be friends. Let us show you how.


ArticlesGeneral or specific, we can write it

We can write articles on any topic of any length for anyone. We've written about aging, crafting, poetry, lesson plans, medical software, Seasonal Affective Disorder, canned corn, team building, window treatment systems, laser tag and fun zones, vacationing in Greece, offshore financial services, television brands, tummy tucks, homemade dog food, energy efficiency, the history of the British Virgin Islands... well, you get the idea. We like to research and love to write.


Ghost Writing It's never scary with Aardvark Writing

Want to write a book, but want professional help? We can help you by ghost writing your story. You write it, and we add the flourish and style to make your book a best seller!


PoetryRoses are red, and poetry doesn't have to rhyme

We can help you pen the perfect poem to woo your girlfriend, write poetry for Mom on Mother's Day, or write a tribute poem for a funeral service. Poetry can be meaningful or it can be funny. It can be sugary sweet or deep and morbid. We'll help you get it right or simply write it for you.