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Full-color business cards
1,000 cards
Price: $95

Design and printing of new business cards for your company for only $95. You cannot beat that price! Already have your card designed? Call for an even LOWER price!

Shipping charges and taxes may apply.


One-page Newsletter Design
Price: $249.00

This promotion includes a custom design for an 8 1/2" x 11" newsletter. We will create an original design for both the front and back of the page. The special price allows for one major design change, if required.*

Some graphic design work is also included in this promotion. We will provide photos and clip art as needed. We cannot include major design work, such as redesigning your company logo or designing custom clipart. We can, however, create specialized graphical text or make minor edits to clipart to better suit your design.

This promotion includes some editorial work on your textual content. If you do not have written articles, we would be happy to assist you in researching and writing your newsletter content. However, this service is not included in this promotion package and would be charged at our regular hourly rate.

Thank you for your business!


Brochure Design
Price: $249*

We can redesign your current marketing materials or help you design a brand-new brochure. We've helped many organizations create an image of professionalism that turns a first-time contact into a long-time client.

Print services are also available for competitive prices.


New Client Special
Price: $175*

• One page site** with as much text as you wish (within reason)
• Up to ten (10) photos
• An email link
This does not include your web site address (i.e. www.yourname.com) or hosting. Address is usually $10.00 per year and hosting through Aardvark Writing is $6/month.

Contact us today for more information or for a quote. Aardvark Writing can help your small business with all of its business writing documents.

These specials are subject to change without warning - take advantage of them now!

All quotes given by Aardvark Writing only apply to the 30 days following receipt. All quotes are null and void after that 30-day period, and a new quote should be obtained for complete accuracy.

*Design prices usually allow for one major change. Minor changes to new projects, such as textual edits, are usually permissible without charge. Aardvark Writing reserves the right to determine which changes are major and which are minor. We are really easy-going people and want our clients to be happy. At the same time, we cannot be expected to make numerous edits free of charge. Please think through your design before you ask us to create one for you. Your ideas are what make your project unique. If you have any questions on our pricing policy, please ask!

** "One-page" of Web page copy usually refers to the equivalent of an 8½" by 11" page. This rule is for the sake of design and ease of use. If you are interested in one of Aardvark Writing's one-page Web specials, but have more to say than would fit on one page; we will be happy to discuss your options. Aardvark Writing is always willing to work with you to create what you need for a price you can afford. Plus the cost of your web address and hosting. The current special price for registration of a domain name is $10.00 per year with Aardvark Hosting available for $6.00 per month. Price subject to change without notice.





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