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Laurie Esposito Harley
Physical location: Buffalo, NY
Years in operation: 12 years

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Aardvark Writing is a small business that caters to the needs of other small businesses at a cost that they can afford. Print shops and large companies charge an exorbitant rate for writing and design projects, and they may not even have the expertise and experience that your company needs. Aardvark Writing is an established business with a proven record of professionalism and precision.

Aardvark Writing is a small business developed and nurtured by Laurie Esposito Harley. Laurie was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. As a child, she and her sister played games with words - writing stories together and making books as gifts. In junior high and high school, Laurie wrote poetry to express herself. In high school, she discovered how deeply her love of writing ran. She began her first novel and determined her career path: writing, of course.

While in college, Laurie held an interest in journalism, but soon discovered that she wanted more freedom and creativity. She majored in Professional Writing & Editing with a concentration in creative writing and minored in Psychology (of all things).

While working different odd jobs - from a position at the Savannah Morning News to Marketing Manager at a rare coin seller - Laurie started Aardvark Writing with a newsletter from a single client. Thanks to the enduring support of her loving husband, James, Laurie was able to quit her job and focus on Aardvark Writing while raising her young daughter. The business grew, as did her family.

After establishing itself as a major writing company - preparing documents used by IBM, Monster, and CitiGroup, Aardvark Writing, like many other companies, was unfavorably affected by economic troubles.

Thankfully, the period of quiet phones and spam emails is in our past. We have had a recent surge of client inquiries and are rebuilding our client database, awaiting former clients who have survived the economic meltdown to return.


"I am so thankful for my clients - many of whom have become like friends to me. I appreciate your business and look forward to knowing and serving you for many more years."
~ Laurie Esposito Harley