by Joseph (Skip) Skibinski



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by Joseph "Skip" Skibinski

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After Joseph “Skip” Skibinski passed away last November, an historical goldmine was discovered in his attic. Seven years worth of letters dating back to World War II from Skibinski to his future bride were found.

Aardvark Publishers is proud to announce the publication of these letters in a new book entitled Softside. The compilation of letters and cables reveals a true story of love, hope, despair, and the transformation of a young man serving overseas during World War II.

Softside illustrates not only a timeline of years, but the timeline of love; how a young man fighting in a war evolves from his fancy for a woman to a deep, abiding love. Through his letters we see how the woman of his dreams becomes his reason to survive.

More than an account of war, Softside is a story of love and patriotism told in the words of a WWII Marauder. It touches the heart of anyone who believes in finding and keeping their one true love and gives us a glimpse into the heroic and patriotic actions of World War II veterans.

Upon finding these letters, Skibinski’s family wished to share this piece of history with the world. Skibinski would never realize the lasting gift he gave, which revealed a side of him never before seen by younger generations of his family.

With an introduction written by Skibinski’s son, Joe Skibinski, and an afterword by Skibinski’s grandson, Daniel Joseph Murphy, Softside is a story of love that transcends time and place.



Copyright 2006 by Aardvark Publishers

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