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The Fourever Club: Alice Kate and the Bully

By Laurie Esposito Harley
Illustrated by Anna Kate Harley



Aardvark Publishers is a new concept in book publishing. Gone are the large fees for publishing. Welcome back author control. We don't change your book. And you choose your cover design.

We offer a wide variety of services in conjunction with our sister company, Aardvark Writing. From editorial services and layout, to cover art and illustrations, to sales and marketing - we do it all. Pick and choose the services that you need, and only pay for the services that you want.

Aardvark Publishers also offers a unique service for those wishing to print books to distribute to family and friends as gifts. Interested in creating photo books, memory books, scrapbooks, cookbooks, family histories, or children's books? Then look no further. You found your publisher. We can provide one-of-a-kind gifts for a very reasonable price. Special pricing available for church groups, school classes, or other small groups.

Are you ready to see your book in print? Aardvark Publishers is now accepting a limited number of manuscripts for 2011.

Books in Print:

The Red Thread
By Leonard Yonkman

by Joseph "Skip" Skibinski

Cousins & Kinship

Cousins and Kinship
by Tracy Eller & Joan Mason
Illustrated by Paula Sadler

Books by Kids Program

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The Canfield Fair
by Annie

My Family
by Allie

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Books coming soon:

The Leaves Are Turning... Why Can't I?
by Tammy Miller


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