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The Effects of a Fast Food World

R U there? Imho IMing has cre8-ed a problem b/c afaik in a f2f situation ur potential employer won't get it.

[Are you there? In my humble opinion, instant messaging has created a problem because, as far as I know, in a face-to-face situation, your potential employer won't understand.]

I've noticed a trend that is occurring with the increased use of instant messaging and texting. Teenagers, college students, and yes – even adults – are unable to spell common words or use proper punctuation. This is affecting the business world in ways that could not have been anticipated. Misspellings in newspaper headlines are becoming more common. Even signs and billboards have grammar errors written big and bold for all to see. Aren't businesses concerned about their image? Are potential clients swayed by such incompetence?

Recently I was talking with the mother of one of my daughter's friends when she began openly divulging a very private matter. "TMI, I know…" and she continued her story. "TMI?" I thought. "Oh… 'too much information.'"

Has it come to this? A busy life full of acronyms? Maybe. But how does this affect the business world?

All of this shorthand in an era of fast food and quick communication is producing individuals who can no longer write in their native language. English is dying a death that will hurt American businesses. However, its death will first affect those seeking jobs across the country.

Do employers want to hire candidates to represent their company if they cannot spell? According to a survey of 650 managers by job website CareerBuilder.com[1], "almost half of the hiring managers surveyed said they would toss cover letters and resumes that contained spelling or grammatical errors." Relying on spell check alone is not sufficient; just ask "the would-be administrative assistant who claimed to be a 'rabid typist' [or] the executive who boasted that he was 'instrumental in ruining the entire operation'," according to Rosemary Haefner, VP of HR for CareerBuilder. Yet it's been my experience that people don't even bother to spell check unless they are writing a resume. Emails, blogs, postings, and the like get sent or posted as is, even with obvious errors.

Case in point: I recently watched Caught on Safari: Battle at Kruger on National Geographic channel. The documentary was based on a YouTube video and included comments from the YouTube site. I was appalled at the misspellings and grammatical errors that people post for the world to see. And National Geographic displayed the comments on the special without any corrections or even a [SIC] to acknowledge the errors. One comment referred to the "heard" of buffalo. Am I the only one that cringes at such an error?

No, I'm not. Your potential employer is cringing, too. Even if you are not required to write reports in your position, you will be corresponding with other employees, supervisors, and possibly even clients. Your writing is representing the organization for which you work. Your employer must be secure in the fact that your spelling and grammar is acceptable and meets company standards.

So the next time that you shorten a phrase to a series of letters or guess at how a word is spelled, consider your job security and your future.


[1] Heintz, Rich. "What Hiring Managers Are Looking For." November 27, 2005. California Job Journal. June 6, 2008 <http://www.jobjournal.com/article_full_text.asp?artid=1579>.

Is Your Marketing Plan Fresh?

Do your advertisements have typos in them? (Are you sure?) Is your catalog outdated? (Why?) Do you have the email addresses of all of your clients? (Why not?) Do you contact those clients? (Again, why not?) How long has it been since you updated your web site? (Too long?)

Typos and outdated information can result in lost sales. If you don't contact former clients via email, you are missing out on endless, low-cost advertising opportunities and quick, easy sales. A static web site quickly loses the interest of your clients. If your business web site doesn't include crucial information - such as contact information and, at the very least, generalized information about your products or services - you are losing the business of new clients as well.

In order to stay in the minds (and wallets) of consumers, you should change and update your advertising materials regularly. Branding your business is one thing; people will think of you when they see your logo or hear your catch-phrase. But if you use the same content in each ad, you will certainly fall short of your sales goals.

Newsletters: An Untapped Marketing Method

Your small business may be focusing on bringing in new clients through advertisements in the newspaper, by direct mail, and via radio or television commercials. But you may be neglecting a large segment of potential clients. Your own.

Many companies fail to realize the resell potential of their own clients. They already know you. They already know your business. And if you’ve done things right, they already trust you.

People are more apt to return to a company with which they’ve done business than go to a competitor (assuming the products and services are acceptable, of course). So advertise to them! Remind them that you are there.

• Mail “Happy Birthday” discount flyers on their birthdays.
• Send emails with sales that match recent purchases. For instance, if your client purchased a pencil from you, send an e-zine that advertises lead refills or your multiple paper products or an eraser, for goodness sake!
• Send a personalized letter to check on your customer’s satisfaction with prior purchases and offer a percentage off of future sales to bring them back.

Here is the secret key to winning and keeping clients. Are you ready for this? Do you have your pen and paper? Keep them educated. Inform them. Entertain them. Write it down; it’s that important.

People don’t like being interrupted with loud sales pitches during the ball game. They don’t like annoying ads during the easy listening drive at five. And they certainly can’t stand all of the junk mail and spam that is continually shoved at them. So how do you reach your client without annoying or angering him?

Educate. Inform. Entertain.

A newsletter does this without pushing your product and without irritating your potential client. Are you a physician? Include relevant health care information. Do you sell food products? Include great-tasting recipes. Do you sell cameras? Offer tips and techniques for better photos.

Newsletters slip into your clients’ mailboxes or inboxes filled with information that is relevant to their lives. They open it and read the articles, stories, and jokes. And if it’s done right, they walk away with your company in the back of their minds – happy that you provided them with valuable information, a laugh, or a discount. The next thing you know, your past client is back again.

** Added bonus: Emails can be forwarded, and mail can be shared. Make sure that your articles are professionally written and relevant to your clientele, and they may pass your newsletter on to a friend.


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